CHROMUCH. Color without compromise.

Offering the brightest blues and the most vibrant hues, CHROMUCH fibers offer breathtaking color that meets conscious design. For years, designers have had to compromise choosing between rich colorfast color and less vibrant, but more earth-friendly fiber choices. By reinventing color at the fiber level, CHROMUCH advances a new standard in sustainable color design that takes the guesswork and compromise out of the equation.


CHROMUCH solution dyed polyester fibers are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and use absolutely no water in the dyeing process. The newly-developed synthetic fiber is of premium quality, rich in color, fade resistant and earth-friendly, making CHROMUCH the best choice in developer-friendly performance textiles.


By choosing CHROMUCH, rich color and functionality are inherent to the yarn itself innovating the entire design process. Developers can select colors up front, eliminating the need to color-match. CHROMUCH introduces its solution-dyed ChromShieldTM Technology allowing for magnified color vibrancy and durability, and a variety of performance functionality additions such as UV protection, fire retardancy, quick-dry and antibacterial properties.